Gospel Piano – Track 1

Follow this Learning Track to get started with the gospel style.

Section 1


Explore medium-tempo gospel grooves.

Gospel Shout Hallelujah

Learn the PWJ jingle with Shout Hallelujah from the Gospel Groove Series. We explore Gospel Chords, a fun syncopated groove, chord pops, blues brushes, slides, & more!

Gospel Stride

Learn Gospel Stride from the Gospel Groove Series.  We'll explore this celebratory progression reminiscent of New Orleans music, the stride-Gospel left hand, chord punches, Gospel rolls, & more.

Section 2


Explore slow-tempo gospel grooves.

Gospel Grace

Jam on the Gospel Grace accompaniment groove from the Gospel Groove Series.  Explore the Amazing Grace progression, how to fill in a 6/8 meter, how to use Gospel Chords, bass fills, & more.

Amazing Grace Piano Hymn – Slow Gospel Blues 1

Transform the Amazing Grace piano hymn into the Slow Gospel Blues style. Starting with the lead sheet, we’ll add a left hand gospel groove, right hand embellishments, a stock gospel intro, and discuss how to improvise a solo.

Section 3


Explore up-tempo gospel grooves.

Gospel Jam

Learn the Gospel Jam groove from the Gospel Groove Series.  Discover a syncopated Gospel left hand bass, Fat 9th chord punches, Diminished Chords, Dominant 9 Sus 4 Chords, & more.

Section 4


Explore gospel improvisation.

The Circular Progression 1

Learn an important cyclic chord progression used in Jazz & Gospel music, Circular Progression 1. Discover the chords, harmonization approaches, 4-On-The-Floor groove, and improv techniques.

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Level 2
4 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn essential gospel chords & how gospel harmony works
  • Discover common groove patterns & bass lines to accompany other musicians
  • Learn how to fill in gospel music with fat 9th punches, diminished chords, brushes, and rolls
  • Explore gospel improvisation techniques
Full Description

With this structured Gospel Learning Track, you’ll learn essential gospel chord progressions, grooves, harmonies, bass lines, fills, and improvisation techniques.

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