Gospel Piano – Track 1

Follow this Learning Track to get started with the gospel style.

Section 1


Explore medium-tempo gospel grooves.


Gospel Shout Hallelujah

Learn the PWJ jingle with Shout Hallelujah from the Gospel Groove Series. We explore Gospel Chords, a fun syncopated groove, chord pops, blues brushes, slides, & more!

Gospel Stride

Learn Gospel Stride from the Gospel Groove Series.  We'll explore this celebratory progression reminiscent of New Orleans music, the stride-Gospel left hand, chord punches, Gospel rolls, & more.

Play Contemporary Gospel and R&B Piano in 3 Steps

Learn how to play Contemporary Gospel and R&B Piano in 3 Steps. You'll learn passing chords, how to color your chords, and essential rhythms.

Section 2


Explore slow-tempo gospel grooves.


Amazing Grace Piano Hymn – Slow Gospel Blues 1

Transform the Amazing Grace piano hymn into the Slow Gospel Blues style. Starting with the lead sheet, we’ll add a left hand gospel groove, right hand embellishments, a stock gospel intro, and discuss how to improvise a solo.

Gospel Grace

Jam on the Gospel Grace accompaniment groove from the Gospel Groove Series.  Explore the Amazing Grace progression, how to fill in a 6/8 meter, how to use Gospel Chords, bass fills, & more.

Section 3


Explore up-tempo gospel grooves.


Go Tell It On the Mountain – Gospel Funk 1

Learn how to play Go Tell it On the Mountain in a gospel funk style. Starting with the lead sheet, we’ll memorize the melody/chords, stylize the left hand gospel groove, embellish the right hand melody, and learn a variety of funky gospel techniques.

Gospel Jam

Learn the Gospel Jam groove from the Gospel Groove Series.  Discover a syncopated Gospel left hand bass, Fat 9th chord punches, Diminished Chords, Dominant 9 Sus 4 Chords, & more.

How to Play Piano Like Shaun Martin (Snarky Puppy)

Learn essential piano techniques used by Shaun Martin of Snarky Puppy to play neo soul and contemporary gospel, including passing chords, slip notes & more.

Section 4


Explore gospel improvisation.


The Circular Progression 1

Learn an important cyclic chord progression used in Jazz & Gospel music, Circular Progression 1. Discover the chords, harmonization approaches, 4-On-The-Floor groove, and improv techniques.

Gospel Piano Chords and Walking Bass

Learn traditional gospel piano techniques to accompany congregational songs in a charismatic style with bass runs, stylized chords and more.

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4 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn essential gospel chords & how gospel harmony works
  • Discover common groove patterns & bass lines to accompany other musicians
  • Learn how to fill in gospel music with fat 9th punches, diminished chords, brushes, and rolls
  • Explore gospel improvisation techniques
Full Description

With this structured Gospel Learning Track, you’ll learn essential gospel chord progressions, grooves, harmonies, bass lines, fills, and improvisation techniques.

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