Jonny May

Learn an important cyclic chord progression used in Jazz & Gospel music, Circular Progression 1. Discover the chords, harmonization approaches, 4-On-The-Floor groove, and improv techniques.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Melody and Chords to "Gospelite"
  • Explore 4-on-the-floor left hand technique
  • Solo using Slides, Turns, Triplets, and Harmonized Riffs
  • Play along with a Backing Track
Learning Focus
  • Groove
  • Improvisation
  • Lead Sheets

Course Lessons

The Circular Progression 1 – Lesson 1

The Basic Chords, Harmonizing the Melody, 4-On-The-Floor

The Circular Progression 1 – Lesson 2

Improvisation, the A Blues Scale, Slides, Turns, Triplets, Double Slides

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