Gospel Piano – Track 2

Follow this Learning Track to master the gospel style.

Section 1


Explore medium-tempo gospel grooves.

Gospel Earth

Learn the infectious Gospel Earth Groove from the Gospel Groove Series. Explore Gospel Chords, syncopations, chromatic Dominant 7th walkdowns, & the Gospel turnaround.

Gospel Love

Learn the Gospel Love groove from the Gospel Groove Series. Master a Gospel-Rhumba bass line, Gospel rolls, syncopated bass, tritone substitutes, turns, & more.

Section 2


Explore slow-tempo gospel grooves.

Gospel Soul

Jam on Gospel Soul from the Gospel Groove Series.  You'll learn an inspiring "lifting" progression, gorgeous inverted sus2 chords, minor 11 chords, altered chords, diatonic slides, & more.

Section 3


Explore up-tempo gospel grooves.

Gospel Spell

Rock out with Gospel Spell from the Gospel Groove Series.  You'll learn an infectious driving bass line, the chromatic chord walkup, how to create "rub" between chords, and fat Dominant chords.

Gospel Groove 1

Learn an essential gospel groove with a driving bass, gospel chords, slides, & more!

Section 4


Explore gospel improvisation.

The Circular Progression 2

Learn the Circular Progression 1, and important "cyclic" progression used in Jazz & Gospel music. Discover the chords, how to add jazz harmony, and improvisation techniques using various scales.

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Level 3
4 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn essential gospel chords & how gospel harmony works
  • Discover common groove patterns & bass lines to accompany other musicians
  • Learn how to fill in gospel music with fat 9th punches, diminished chords, brushes, and rolls
  • Explore gospel improvisation techniques
Full Description

With this structured Gospel Learning Track, you’ll learn essential gospel chord progressions, grooves, harmonies, bass lines, fills, and improvisation techniques.

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