Funk & Smooth Jazz Piano – Track 2

Follow this Learning Track to master the funk style.

Section 1


Explore funk improvisation techniques.

Funky Blues Soloing 2

Master the sounds of Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, & Richard Tee, with this funky-blues improv course. Learn left hand grooves, scale for soloing, slides, turns, riffs, & runs.

Top 10 Funky Blues Riffs

Learn 10 Awesome Funky Blues Riffs with Syncopation, Turns, Runs, and Harmonized Notes.

Section 2

Tunes & Grooves

Play Funk and Smooth Jazz tunes.

Funk & Smooth Jazz Grooves & Licks 2

Master the Funk and Smooth Jazz styles! You'll learn the funk progression, 5 right hand chord options, 4 right hand rhythm options, 6 bass lines, and 6 licks.

Gospel Blues Swag Time

Learn how to infuse Funk, Blues, & Gospel with the tune Swag Time. Discover techniques like Blues blocked chords, Funky 4ths, boogie octaves, rolls, harmonized turns, and other improv techniques.

Funky Blues Jam 1

Learn this Herbie Hancock-inspired funky blues, including a sweet pentatonic funk riff and funky blues bass line.

Funky Blues Jam 2

Jam on Funky-Blues Jam 2 with a tasty blues riff, funky-blues bass line, & gospel chords.

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Level 3
2 sections
Learning Focus
  • Master essential funk grooves
  • Explore a variety of funk riffs and licks
  • Learn the keys to improvising in the funk style
  • Discover the most common funk bass lines
Full Description

With this structured Funk Learning Track, you’ll learn essential funk chords, grooves, riffs, fills, and bass lines, improvisation techniques, and funk tunes.

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