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Jonny May

Learn how to infuse Funk, Blues, & Gospel with the tune Swag Time. Discover techniques like Blues blocked chords, Funky 4ths, boogie octaves, rolls, harmonized turns, and other improv techniques.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the infectious Bb Funk groove
  • Play a bluesy melody in the A Section with two left hand patterns
  • Explore 3 Solo Sections that use the full range of the keyboard
  • Master the underlying principles of funk
Learning Focus
  • Groove
  • Reading
  • Songs

Course Lessons

Gospel Blues – Swag Time – Lesson 3

Second A Section, Boogie Octaves

Gospel Blues – Swag Time – Lesson 4

1st Solo: Funky-Blues Licks, Turns, & Punches

Gospel Blues – Swag Time – Lesson 5

2nd Solo: Funky-Blues Rolls, Harmonized Slides, & Harmonized Turns

Gospel Blues – Swag Time – Lesson 6

Solo 3: Funky-Blues Rolls!

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