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Jonny May
09/30/2021 2:00 pm (PST)

In September, we released 4 new Courses, 4 Quick Tips, 7 Smart Sheets, and 23 Backing Tracks!

Other events:
Bossa Nova Student Collaboration
Live Q&A for Beginner/Intermediate
Live Q&A for Intermediate/Advanced
Q&A Submissions for Beginner/Intermediate
Q&A Submissions for Intermediate/Advanced
Student Assessment

New Courses:
2-5-1 Soloing with Diatonic Triads
2-5-1 Soloing with Enclosures
Practice Essentials: Hand Coordination
Why Do I Fall in Love – Jazz Ballad 1

New Quick Tips:
Jazz Scales – The Complete Guide
Block Chords – The Complete Guide
How to Play Bebop Piano in 6 Steps
Improvise Diatonic 7th Chords on Piano

Standout Performances:
Barb/Emily & Masako/Elena – My Favorite Things
Martyn Ramsden – Higher Ground
Clyde Sandry – Summertime
Wilma Hiser – Bernie’s Blues
Simon Till – Improvisation

Congratulations to our Student of the month, Laura Unterweger! You can click here to watch her spotlight interview.

Office Hours (March 21)

Office Hours are an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

Live Workshop (March 2023)

In this workshop, we'll be learning about how to accompany in a band setting on the well-known standard, "Fly Me To The Moon".

Intermediate/Advanced Q&A Submissions (February 2023)

In this video, Daine answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of February.