Jonny May

Learn 3 essential techniques for adding passing chords or reharmonizing any song. Techniques include relative chords, secondary dominants, and lower neighbor diminished 7th chords.

Course Objectives
  • Discover techniques for adding chords to any song
  • Explore 2 relative chords for every major & minor chord
  • Learn how build strong leading chords with secondary dominants
  • Master lower neighbor diminished 7 chords for a jazzy passing chord sound
Learning Focus
  • Analysis
  • Chords
  • Improvisation
  • Reharmonization

Course Lessons

Passing Chords & Reharms 1 – Lesson 1

Chord Relative Passing Chords

Passing Chords & Reharms 1 – Lesson 2

Secondary Dominant Passing Chords

Passing Chords & Reharms 1 – Lesson 3

Lower Neighbor Diminished 7 Passing Chords

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