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Yannick Lambrecht

In this workshop, we are deconstructing the classic Prelude #1 in C Major by J.S. Bach.

Going phrase by phrase, we will analyze each of the chords and their harmonic functions to understand what we are playing. We will discover the use of beautiful musical devices such as “sequencing” and “pedal point,” which are as applicable to to music today as they were four hundred years ago! We will also create our own musical patterns using these techniques.

To finish, we will transpose the melody to various keys to understand the chords on a deeper level.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the notes of Prelude in C
  • Analyze the chords and their harmonic functions
  • Discover the use of beautiful musical devices such as sequencing and pedal point
  • Compose creative patterns using these techniques
  • Transpose the melody to understand the chords on a deeper level
Learning Focus
  • Analysis
  • Composition
  • Reading
  • Songs
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Bach Prelude
Wonderful and enlightening! Never thought about this kind of analysis although the piece is not new to me! So motivated to learn still more about the 7th chords and higher ;-))
Harmonic Analysis Made Approachable
Yannick’s course is filled with great passion and understanding of the music. He breaks down the chord construction, their function & relationships in a way that’s easy to follow and understand. Bach has given us many musical ideas to consider; Yannick gives us a way for analyzing any piece of music.. The course has inspired me to keep revisiting The Prelude in C course to really internalize all it has to offer.
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