Jonny May

In this workshop, Jonny breaks down a notated jazz solo to teach you exactly how jazz pianists construct a solo. You will analyze the scales, rhythms, approach tones, embellishments, and left hand bass techniques used to create engaging melodic solos.

Jonny also explains how to build the energy of your solo by considering the range, dynamics, repetition, and development of ideas. This course shows you how to put all the pieces together.

Course Objectives
  • Learn how to construct a jazz solo by analyzing a pre-composed solo
  • Understand how to utilize chord tones, passing tones, and chord extensions
  • Discover different rhythmic devices such as chord punches and anticipations
  • Learn how to embellish your melody with turns, rolls, tremolos and slides
  • Master approach tones such as upper neighbors, lower neighbors, and enclosures
Learning Focus
  • Analysis
  • Composition
  • Improvisation

Course Lessons

Breaking Down a Jazz Solo 1 – Lesson 1

Major Turnaround Progression and Soloing Techniques

Breaking Down a Jazz Solo 1 – Lesson 2

Snappin’ at Coney – Section 1

Breaking Down a Jazz Solo 1 – Lesson 3

Snappin’ at Coney – Section 2

Breaking Down a Jazz Solo 1 – Lesson 4

Snappin’ at Coney – Section 3

Breaking Down a Jazz Solo 1 – Lesson 5

Snappin’ at Coney – Section 4

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