Monthly Update (August 2020)

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Jonny May
08/31/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In August, we released 3 new Courses, 4 Quick Tips, 6 Smart Sheets, 9 Backing Tracks, the new Student Collaboration, the Live Q&A, the Q&A Submissions, the Live Student Recital, the Student Assessment, and the Studio 2 Launch Party.

Modulation Essentials – How to Modulate a Song 1
Modulation Essentials – How to Modulate a Song 2
Key of E Major

Quick Tips:
Slow Jazz and Blues Piano Improv
How to Improvise Piano with Dorian Scale
Essential Jazz Piano Exercise – Chromatic Neighbors
How to Play Jazz Piano like Bill Evans

Congratulations to our Student of the month, Ellen Martinson! Read her spotlight right here.

We have some more super exciting news!
  1. We launched Studio 2  We’re so excited about the growth & expansion of PWJ! This 2nd studio will be used to feature our new teachers we’ll be hiring soon. This means more live events, more lessons, and we’ll be adding group classes. Click here to watch the Studio 2 Launch Party.
  2. Jonny May is moving – Jonny and his family are moving to Nashville, Tennessee where we’ll be opening up another studio.
  3. Website Updates – We’ve added some great new features to our website: 15 second rewind/fast forward button on videos, progress tracking for Learning Tracks, and progress tracking on Smartsheets
Office Hours Beginner/Intermediate (August 9)

Office Hours are an opportunity to get interactive feedback from a professional piano coach!

Student Assessment (July 2022)

In this Student Assessment video, Daine reviewed student video submissions from July and provided personalized feedback.

Monthly Update (July 2022)

In July, we released 2 new Courses, 5 Quick Tips, 1 blog, 6 Smart Sheets, 6 Backing Tracks, and more!