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Jonny May
08/21/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the August 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

04:31 – Q: How do you easily recall licks when improving?

09:44 – Q: Which courses would help me with left hand accompaniments?

13:07 – Q: Are there common keys for ragtime?

16:45 – Q: Can you play Heart & Soul with right hand stride stylization?

19:17 – Q: Are harmony notes taken from the notes of the chord or the scale?

22:45 – Q: What software do you use for your live stream?

23:24 – Q: Tips for memorization?

26:48 – Q: Suggestions for passing chords in the song PWJ Avenue?

33:24 – Q: What is your left hand style in the Amazing Grace workshop?

38:40 – Q: How do I build speed with a metronome?

40:26 – Q: Where can I learn about left hand 2-octave arpeggios?

43:19 – Q: Tips for using triplets and turns on a ballad song in 12/8 time?

46:12 – Q: Should I master one key before learning another key?

49:51 – Q: How many lessons should I take at one time?

51:29 – Q: Where can I find the Burlesque Blues course?

52:23 – Q: Is there a lesson about controlling left hand vs right hand loudness?

53:36 – Q: Can you provide a guide to a daily workout that strengthens all fingers?

56:25 – Q: Can you play Happy Birthday?

1:04:29 – Q: I can’t seem to play through a song without a memory slip. Any tips?

1:08:06 – Q: Tips for playing What a Wonderful World?

1:09:45 – Q: Which gospel connector do you use with either the 6 or the 1 harmonization?

1:13:35 – Q: Do you have courses on chord pops?

1:16:01 – Q: Can you play When She Loved Me?

1:18:41 – Q: When would you use the minor pentatonic scale?

1:21:15 – Q: Which advanced course covers arpeggiated soloing and scale pattern soloing?

1:23:54 – Q: Can you demonstrate the Barry Harris harmony?

1:26:39 – Q: How many teachers did you have?

1:31:41 – Q: Which hand are you looking at when you play ragtime?

1:32:25 – Q: What order should I work on the intermediate foundations?

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