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Start playing better piano chords today with chord hacks—these fun little harmonic shortcuts are incredibly simple and profoundly effective!

Explore the harmonic genius behind 5 of Stevie Wonder's biggest hits! Discover what makes these chord progressions sound so good and unique.

Explore 5 levels of passing chords that you can use to personalize tunes, add variety and increase harmonic expressiveness.

Get your blues piano soloing chops in shape with Jonny's 10 top blues piano licks. This lesson is guaranteed to get you gig ready!

Do your improv lines sound aimless? Develop authentic jazz language with bebop scales used by legends like Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie!

A complete guide to understanding and applying the concept of guide tones for the beginner jazz piano student.

Learn to instantly play amazingly rich and full piano chords with a sublime harmonic character in this essential lesson for singer-songwriters.

Learn to play hip modern gospel chords using floating chord islands. This contemporary harmonic technique will revolutionize your piano sound.

Looking to play beautiful jazz piano chords like Bill Evans? Rootless voicings are the sound you're after, and this is your complete guide!

"Elevator music" may get a bad rap among highbrow musicians, but learning to fill a crowded room with chill piano vibes can put you in good company.

Looking to play blues piano chords with an authentic sound? This complete guide contains a roadmap for all levels—from beginner to pro!

Jonny May shares the chord secrets that every songwriter needs to know when writing for piano to avoid the 11 most common chord mistakes.

Want to make big gains in the next 12 months? It's all right here—Jonny's Jazz Piano 1-Year Practice Plan, with daily exercises for all levels.

If you enjoy playing Christmas tunes with a lounge jazz piano sound, then look no further than this lesson on "We Three Kings of Orient Are."

This contemporary jazz piano arrangement of the traditional holiday classic "The First Noel" sounds so beautiful that it's bound to strike a chord.

In this complete guide on 7th chords, Jonny breaks down the 5 categories of 7th chords on piano that form the foundation for jazz harmony.

Piano montunos are both demanding and exhilarating. In today’s lesson, you'll learn essential skills to play Afro-Cuban music with confidence.

A gorgeous chord made simple! Learn what major 9th chords are, how to build them, and how to make them sound stunning on the piano.

Discover how a major scale exercise that's rooted in a jazz piano musical context can empower your playing beyond traditional scale drills.

Learn how to play soulful R&B piano chords and improvise, even as a beginner. This lesson makes pro piano concepts accessible to all levels.

Play captivating chord melodies with Drop 2 Voicings, a sophisticated arranging techniques used by pianists like Bill Evans and Barry Harris.

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