Pop Piano – Track 1

Follow this Learning Track to master the pop style.

Section 1

Chords and Accompaniments

Learn a variety of chord patterns to make your own accompaniments to pop songs.


Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment: Popstinatos

Learn how to create driving pop piano accompaniments using the Popstinato technique, including 16 patterns, 5 positions, and various popular progressions.

Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment Patterns 1

Learn 48 beautiful accompaniment patterns that work almost over any pop or rock song, including 8 essential right hand techniques, 6 left hand techniques, chord positions, and more.

How to Improvise Beautiful Sad Piano (Beginner)

Improvise sad piano textures common to pop and film genres with this accessible lesson for all levels that is harmonically rich yet surprisingly simple.

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Level 2
1 sections
Learning Focus
  • Master essential pop progressions
  • Discover the most common pop bass lines
  • Learn the keys to improvising in the pop style
  • Play pop tunes like your favorite artists
Full Description

With this structured Pop Learning Track, you’ll learn essential pop chords, improvisation techniques, and tunes.

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