Pop Piano – Track 1

Follow this Learning Track to master the pop style.

Section 1

Chords and Accompaniments

Learn a variety of chord patterns to make your own accompaniments to pop songs.


Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment: Popstinatos

Learn how to create driving pop piano accompaniments using the Popstinato technique, including 16 patterns, 5 positions, and various popular progressions.

Pop & Contemporary Piano Accompaniment Patterns 1

Learn 48 beautiful accompaniment patterns that work almost over any pop or rock song, including 8 essential right hand techniques, 6 left hand techniques, chord positions, and more.

Pop Piano Accompaniment: The Ultimate Guide

Learn a super easy approach to improvising over any pop progression using just 2 chord positions and 10th intervals.

6 Essential Passing Chords For Pop Piano

Learn 6 Passing Chords using Inversions and Secondary Dominants. A super valuable tool.

Piano Accompaniment 6 Steps from Beginner to Pro

Beginner and intermediate pianists can apply these "must-hear" tips for any pop piano accompaniment to go from beginner to pro in just 6 steps.

Create Happiness at the Piano (4 Techniques)

Learn how to create happiness at the piano with 4 improv techniques, the happiest chord progression of all time, and a sweet left hand accompaniment.

4 Exercises for Hand Coordination on Piano

Master piano hand coordination with 4 exercises for all levels. Learn up-tempo pop music with contemporary block & broken chord accompaniment approaches.

How to Play Piano Like Norah Jones

Learn to play chill, relaxed piano vibes in the style of nine-time Grammy award winning singer, songwriter and pianist Norah Jones.

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Learning Focus
  • Master essential pop progressions
  • Discover the most common pop bass lines
  • Learn the keys to improvising in the pop style
  • Play pop tunes like your favorite artists
Full Description

With this structured Pop Learning Track, you’ll learn essential pop chords, improvisation techniques, and tunes.

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