Disney Piano – Track 2

Follow this Learning Track to master your favorite Disney songs.

Section 1


Play Disney tunes in the blues genre.


Cruella De Vil 2

Master Vaudeville era-style piano with this Burlesque Blues version of Cruella De Vil. From the lead sheet, apply Burlesque Blues left hand, right hand harmonies, fills, slides, & soloing techniques.

Section 2


Learn Disney songs in the contemporary genre.


Go the Distance from Hercules 2

Learn this beautiful Contemporary piano arrangement of Go the Distance. Discover contemporary arranging techniques and Jonny's formula formula for building a compelling arrangement.

Section 3

Ragtime & Stride

Master Disney songs in the ragtime & stride genre.


The Bare Necessities 2

Explore Stride and Ragtime with this flashy arrangement of Bare Necessities! Learn essential Stride & Ragtime techniques like fills, ornaments, stride-runs, rag-rolls, and more.

Section 4


Explore Disney songs in the waltz genre.


Once Upon a Dream Jazz Waltz 2

Discover Stride-Waltz techniques like chord rocking & sweeping rolls with this beautiful arrangement of the Disney tune Once Upon a Dream. A fun hand cross over solo is included.

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Level 3
4 sections
Learning Focus
  • Learn Disney songs in the contemporary style
  • Explore Disney songs in the blues style
  • Master Disney songs in the ragtime style
  • Learn Disney songs in the waltz style
Full Description

With this Disney Learning Track, you’ll learn your favorite Disney Songs and how to apply various styles such as jazz, blues, contemporary and ragtime to each one.

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