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Jonny May

Making sense of chord extensions and alterations can be confusing when you’re first getting started. In this course, Jonny simplifies the concept by teaching the most common chord alterations used in jazz and popular music. You’ll master each altered voicing by first finding the easiest way to identify it, and then practicing the concept with helpful exercises in 2 positions.

Course Objectives
  • Understand how to find the most common chord alterations
  • Learn the dominant 7(b9), dominant 7(#9), dominant 7(#11), and dominant 7(b13) alterations
  • Discover the combinations that work best, along with tricks to finding alterations
  • Practice with exercises in 2 positions, and around the circle of fifths
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Lead Sheets
Featured Reviews

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Challenging and Enlightening
This course eliminates all confusion about chord symbols with alterations. While it takes time to program this into one's hands, it clears up any mystery about how to do that. The shortcuts for finding these alterations are extremely useful and any lead sheet arrangement will sound advanced applying them.
Piano chord alterations
Very inspiring lessons
Very progressive, clear explanation.
Excellent stuff. You really have the gift of teaching.
I find the challange is in whatever you are teaching and the fun for me is when I get it right.
When I open up a music book and see the 9 11 and 13 chords printed in it. I now understand them.
Very useful
Fun, engaging and will really help me improve when reading lead sheets. Thanks Jonny,!
Crazy stuff.
Leaves me with mountains of practice.
Further Tool to Harmony
I'm very satisfied in following this course: alterations is one of the, let's say, further and fine tools to improve piano playing. I appreciate the way of discovering them and I'm looking forward to apply them to my piano playing.
Gives much insight
Really very useful
Topic enlightenment
I've known about chord alteration before but this course forged everything into a clear cohesive understanding. It put it all together. Awesome!
Fun, step by step, just challenging enough, great sound
Jonny breaks it down into easily digestible parts and it feels like each lesson is a good basis for the next. After doing several of the exercises the left hand 5-1 sequence descending by a full tone has become automatic for me so I can focus on finding the chords in the right hand
very interesting
Easy to understand but I think you should give more exams so students can easier remember the forms and how to use.

Course Lessons

Chord Alterations – Lesson 1

What is a chord alteration?

Chord Alterations – Lesson 2

Dominant 7(b9) Chords

Chord Alterations – Lesson 3

Dominant 7 (#9) Chords

Chord Alterations – Lesson 4

Dominant 7 (#11) Chords

Chord Alterations – Lesson 5

Dominant 7 (b13) Chords

Chord Alterations – Lesson 6

Alterations around the circle exercise

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