Jonny May

Master the soloing techniques of Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder, & Richard Tee with this comprehensive course.  Learn soloing scales, lower/upper position, line building tips, riffs, & more.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Progression
  • Explore Left Hand Groove Options
  • Discover the Principles of Soloing
  • Learn 5 Essential Funky-Blues Riffs
  • Master 8ths, Triplets, & Multiple Octave Soloing
Learning Focus
  • Basslines
  • Improvisation
  • Riffs
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Compliments and builds on concepts learned in Funk Improvisation but in another key.
Having already completed the Funk Improvisation course, I felt at home exploring the soloing riffs and grooves in Funky Blues Soloing 1, and much more prepared to create my own soloing lines using the RH blues scale with the LH funk grooves. It was rewarding and fun.

Course Lessons

Funky Blues Soloing 1 – Lesson 1

The Progression, 3 Left Hand Grooves

Funky Blues Soloing 1 – Lesson 2

C Blues Scale, Principles of Soloing, the Lower Position

Funky Blues Soloing 1 – Lesson 3

The Upper Position, Quarters and 8th Notes

Funky Blues Soloing 1 – Lesson 4

5 Essential Funk Riffs

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