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Jonny May

Learn a gorgeous Jazz Ballad arrangement of Danny Boy.  We explore beautiful, rich jazz chords, extensions, alterations, re-harmonizations, & how to build a compelling arrangement.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the song section by section
  • Discover rich and colorful chord voicings
  • Understand the techniques to create variety in your playing
  • Explore how to use dynamics and articulation
Learning Focus
  • Reading
  • Reharmonization
  • Songs
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Great framework for arranging a ballad
This course provided a great framework for arranging a ballad. What was particularly helpful was in insight into the arrangers approach and the music theory behind it, which can be applied to all ballad arrangements. It's a very touching melody over a skillful and tasteful arrangement.

Course Lessons

Danny Boy – Lesson 1

Section A & B, Chord Voicing Analysis

Danny Boy – Lesson 2

Section A2, Key Change, Arpeggios

Danny Boy – Lesson 3

Final B Section, Dynamics, Outro

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