Jonny May

Transform Danny Boy into a beautiful Jazz Ballad!  Starting with the lead sheet, learn how to build a beautiful left hand accompaniment, harmonize the melody, add fills, & inner-voice movement.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the Lead Sheet Melodoy & Chords
  • Master the Left Hand Ballad-Stride Pattern
  • Discover Essential Melodic Harmonization Techniques
  • Put It Together & Make Your Piano Sing
Learning Focus
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs
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Danny (five stars)
This one reminds me of my first girlfriend back in Philly and her dad Dan. I would never presume to call him boy but you get the idea. I wish they were still around so that I could play this for them. I'm polishing the advanced arrangement and working out the stride and tempo. For sure by St. Patrick's Day next year.
Very Fun and Educational!!!
After wanting to do a challenging cover for quite some time, I stumbled upon the advanced arrangement of "Danny Boy". I have to say, it's a beautiful melody and arrangement; I got to learn 6/9 on the base hand and some spread chords. Have not yet played it around friends and family but I know they would love it!
Nice easy, attainable tune.
Really enjoyed this one! Who knew, I seem to really enjoy the jazz ballad style!
Great experience, beautiful and challenging
I enjoyed the explanation and simplicity.

Course Lessons

Danny Boy Challenge – Lesson 1

Lead Sheet Melody & Chords

Danny Boy Challenge – Lesson 2

Left Hand Shells and Rootless Voicings

Danny Boy Challenge – Lesson 3

Harmonize the Melody, Extensions & Inner Movement

Danny Boy Challenge – Lesson 4

Putting the Hands Together

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