John Proulx

For this workshop, we’re focusing on the Bebop Minor Blues, a minor blues chord progression that takes elements from the Traditional Minor Blues, and adds on with more chord changes and colors. We will cover root position 7th chords, left-hand chord shells, walking bass lines and chord pops, learn a new melody, an original solo using solo techniques and scales, and then a final arrangement that brings it all together. Since many of today’s minor blues use this format, it is a must have in all jazz pianists’ bag of tricks. And, best of all, we’ll have a lot of fun learning and playing together!

Course Objectives
  • Learn the bebop minor blues chord progression
  • Master root position & 7th chords
  • Discover various walking bass lines
  • Practice various accompaniment patterns
  • Review various soloing techniques and scales for improv
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Basslines
  • Chords

Course Lessons

Bebop Minor Blues 1 – Lesson 2

Melody & Shell Voicings

Bebop Minor Blues 1 – Lesson 3

Walking Bass & Chord Pops

Bebop Minor Blues 1 – Lesson 4

Accompaniment with 3/7

Bebop Minor Blues 1 – Lesson 5

Filling Out the Harmony

Bebop Minor Blues 1 – Lesson 6

Filling Out the Harmony

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