2-5-1 Chord Extension & Alteration Exercises

If you want to play jazz piano or accompany a singer on a jazz standard, you need to be familiar with the 2-5-1 chord progression. In this course, you’ll learn this progression in all 12 keys and discover how to use chord extensions and alterations to make the chords sound colorful and jazzy. In total, we cover 26 exercises that help you make sense of how to use the 9, 11, and 13, and their alterations.

Piano Chord Alterations

Making sense of chord extensions and alterations can be confusing when you’re first getting started. In this course, Jonny simplifies the concept by teaching the most common chord alterations used in jazz and popular music. You’ll master each altered voicing by first finding the easiest way to identify it, and then practicing the concept with helpful exercises in 2 positions.

Piano Chord Extensions

Demystify chord extensions with this comprehensive theory course on learning the most common extensions over major 7, dominant 7, and minor 7 chords. With practical examples and exercises, you’ll finally be able to identify and use chord extensions with confidence to develop a more advanced jazz vocabulary.

Chord Shell & Guide Tone Exercises

Learn the essential building blocks of Jazz harmony with chord shells and guide tones. Master these voicings with exercises for major, dominant, and minor 7th chords in all 12 keys to build your foundation for advanced jazz harmony.

Minor 2-5-1 7th Chord Exercises

Welcome to the Minor 2-5-1 7th Chord Exercises course, where you will will learn essential exercises to master this progression on the piano.

What is the minor 2-5-1 chord progression and why is it important?
The minor 2-5-1 chord progression is the most common chord progression used in minor jazz tunes. Therefore, it is essential that you can play it in every key and in a variety of inversions on the piano.

First, we’ll explain how this progression works and why these chords are used. Next, we’ll practice them in in all inversions in all 12 keys on the piano. You’ll have the opportunity to play with a Swing and Bossa Nova backing track to make it fun!

This course comes with downloadable sheet music, smart sheet music, and Swing and Bossa Nova backing tracks.

So if you want to play jazz piano and lead sheets and you like minor jazz tunes, this course will give you a solid foundation.

Diminished & Half Dim 7th Chord Exercises

Learn and master half diminished and fully diminished 7th chords in all 12 keys. With inversions and practice exercises, you’ll build your confidence with these essential chords.

G Blues Improvisation 2

Learn how to improvise blues in the key of G. You’ll learn the blues chords, the 12-bar blues form, quartal voicings, 2 left hand shuffle accompaniments, the G blues scale, and how to improvise using 8th notes, triplets, harmonized lines, slides, turns, licks, riffs, runs, and smash licks.

G Blues Improvisation 1

Learn how to improvise blues in the key of G. You’ll learn the blues chords, the 12-bar blues form, 3 left hand shuffle accompaniments, the G blues scale, and how to improvise using 8th notes, triplets, lower position & upper position lines, slides, harmonized lines, patterns, licks, and runs.

2-5-1 7th Chord Exercises

Welcome to the 2-5-1 7th Chord Exercises Course, where you will learn 5 piano exercises to master the most important progression in jazz , the 2-5-1 chord progression, using 7th chords. We’ll explore all 12 keys using inversions and play along with swing and Bossa Nova backing tracks.

Learn Lead Sheets With 7th Chords

Welcome to the Lead Sheet 7th Chords Course, where you are going to learn how to play lead sheets using 7th chords. You’ll learn 8 songs that use the 8 most common chord progressions in fake books, how to use chord inversions, and how to harmonize the melody with 2 and 3 notes.

Minor 7th Chord Exercises

Minor 7 Chord Exercises for Piano

If you wan to play jazz, blues, pop, funk, rock, or just about any song that uses chords and lead sheets, it is essential to play minor 7 chords.

Now, many teachers and method books will teach you how to play a minor 7 chords on piano, but they don’t teach you how to practice¬†minor 7 chords in all 12 keys, all inversions, and in progressions.

Why is this important?

Because if you want to read lead sheets and play chord charts with total freedom, you need to be able to play any minor 7 chord in any inversion on the fly.

We put together this course to give you a deep dive understanding of minor 7 chords so that you can tackle any tune that uses these chords.

Minor 7th Chord Theory and Application

In this comprehensive course on Minor 7 Chords, you’ll learn how to build Minor 7 Chords, the Chord Symbols, all 12 Minor 7 Chords, 4 tunes to practice them with, & the most common Minor 7 progressions.

Piano Accompaniment: Popstinatos

Learn how to create driving pop piano accompaniments using the Popstinato technique, including 16 patterns, 5 positions, and various popular progressions.

Key of Eb Major

Learn the most important fundamentals for the Key of Eb Major with the scale, diatonic chords, and common chord progressions. Then put it all together with a fun Boogie song.

The Way You Look At Me Cocktail Piano 2

The complete course on how to create a gorgeous cocktail jazz ballad. You’ll learn Stride-Ballad Left Hand techniques, rootless voicings, and right hand embellishment with extensions, fills, runs, and more.

Ode to Joy

Learn the building blocks of stride piano with this fun stride arrangement of Ode to Joy.  Discover how use triplet rolls, stride runs, turns, & stride harmony as we dissect each note of the arrangement.

The Way You Look At Me Cocktail Piano 1

Take our most comprehensive course on Cocktail Jazz, The Way You Look At Me. Discover how to develop a lead sheet, stylize the left hand, harmonize the right hand, add fills, & improvise.

Jonny’s Jumpin Boogie

The complete course for all playing levels on how to play Boogie Woogie. In this course, we cover Boogie chords, the form, left hand techniques, and classic Boogie riffs.

America The Beautiful Rag

A deep dive on Ragtime stylization using the tune America the Beautiful. Learn the stock Ragtime intro, forward rag rolls, reverse rag rolls, triplet rag rolls, ornaments, & the bass treatment.