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Yannick Lambrecht
10/15/2020 12:00 pm (PST)

In this Q&A Submissions video, Yannick answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general that were submitted in the month of September.

00:33 – Rachel Pobi: How do I play runs?

04:33 – Matt Thompson: How do I memorize chord inversions?

17:16 – Marie Balcom: How do I play Blues in Bb?

26:14 – David Scanu: What are 2-5-1 Chord Exercises for minor keys?

32:06 – Thomas Jellings: How do I play piano with a bass player

41:42 – Nick Morley: How should I structure my practice as a beginner?

47:31 – Thomas Jellings; What are the most popular 8 bar blues progressions

52:20 – Danny Soh: Is it possible to add rootless voicings for diminished, half diminished, and augmented chords?

59:14 – Jean-Marc Balossini: Do you have advice for intermediate rock and roll piano?

1:05:55 – How do you analyze “Deacon Blues” by Steely Dan?

1:11:50 – What do you think of the Kodaly method?

1:14:15 – Joseph Warren: What are chord substitutions for this “Someday my prince”

1:17:33 – Gary Dembski: How do I search for specific songs?

1:18:41 – How do you know what level you are at?

1:20:30 – Vegar Vindfallet: How do you analyze chromatic notes in a solo?

1:24:18 – How do you play piano on an Elvis song?

1:26:38 – How do you play Satin Doll?

1:29:32 – Thomas Jellings: What theory explains the notes to use for block chords?

1:34:04 – Shlomo Zevulun: How do I improve my rhythm and tempo?

1:37:51 – Nick Morley: How important are modes and how do you learn them?

1:45:36 – Frank Di Bugnara: What is the best way to learn chord shells around the circle of fifths?

1:51:12 – Teri Shelton: How do you play fast runs and apply them?

1:55:18 – How do you understand enharmonic notes?

1:56:26 – Barbara Wilcox: How do I add variety to the left hand approaches on “I get a kick out of you”

2:00:28 – Rebecca Nowell: How do I play your Disney Medley with flats and sharps?

2:01:29 – Steven Hill: How do you use variations on a boogie lick?

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