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Yannick Lambrecht
10/06/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the October 2021 Live Q&A, Yannick answered all of your music questions.

02:16 – Q: What are good scales for Drop 2 chord progressions?

09:53 – Q: Are rootless voicings the only LH option when playing in a trio?

14:28 – Q: How do you make Mary Had a Little Lamb sound jazzy?

20:05 – Q: How do you play block chords over a half diminished chord?

22:24 – Q: What would you say is the turning point from being intermediate to advanced?

27:02 – Q: Any tips for creating custom backing tracks?

33:00 – Q: Can you demonstrate different LH options for Winter Wonderland?

38:04 – Q: Can you teach a course on the Barry Harris dim scale chords?

39:21 – Q: Can you teach a course on “Last Date”?

40:15 – Q: Can you demonstrate the chord substitutions for Autumn Leaves?

43:00 – Q: Are you familiar with the “so what” chord?

54:02 – Q: Can you play Twinkle Twinkle in a boogie style? (Correction – Boogie is often played swung)

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