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Yannick Lambrecht
06/25/2021 8:00 am (PST)

In this Beginner/Intermediate Q&A Submissions video, Yannick answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of May.

00:33 – Krystian C – When accompanying, what should I do when sitting on 1 chord for a few measures?

05:17 – Jeannine S – What should I do if the recommended course is too difficult?

06:52 – Laurie W – How does a pianist pay for performing a copyrighted song?

08:29 – Connie K – Any tips for memorization?

11:25 – Hans P – Tips for memorizing the endless epic minor progression?

14:06 – Corinne F – Tips for not getting hung up on the theory?

19:01 – Mike M – How to keep a song interesting when a chord stays the same thru multiple measures?

26:05 – Q – What are diatonic chords?

29:20 – Rob H – Tips for improving hand independence?

34:37 – Renee B – In Ode to Joy, the chord says G but you play a G7. Why is it labeled this way?

36:44 – Kumi M – What is the fingering for Blues Scale in F and D?

39:16 – Allan P – Tips for hand independence when playing blues?

44:33 – Paula K – Tips for identifying chords when the chord name isn’t listed?

47:18 – Lukasz O – Tips for keeping my wrist in good condition?

51:30 – Dina M – What scales are you using to solo over Sweet Home Alabama?

54:08 – Larry L – What should I do when I’m feeling overwhelmed with the amount of lessons to choose from?

58:54 – Leanne K – What is the theory behind the blues scale?

1:03:14 – Michael C – How are chord shells and inversions compatible?

1:07:46 – Rachel P – Is the 2-5-1 Chord Ext & Alterations course helpful for those wanting to solo?

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