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Yannick Lambrecht
03/15/2021 8:00 am (PST)

In this Beginner/Intermediate Q&A Submissions video, Yannick answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of February.

00:43 – Glynn Owens: Will PWJ add more Disney songs?

01:31 – Dwayne McMillan: How can I gain more theoretical knowledge to understand Jazz Standards?

04:18 – Michael Coppo: To improve at boogie, should I take the blues courses?

08:21 – Gilbert Anderer: How can I make my playing more jazzy on short progressions?

15:45 – Are B major and B minor uncommon keys?

17:25 – In the blues challenge, why does the scale sound dissonant over the V chord?

23:07 – Jerzy Kolbusz: Will PWJ make classical courses?

25:29 – Karen Dengel: How do you learn what chords go with a melody?

33:35 – What can I do for an hour per day without my piano?

37:49 – Joshua James: How should I structure my practice routine between fundamentals, songs, and improv?

45:22 – Martin Toward: Any tips for sight reading?

51:26 – Bill H: How should I practice runs from a method book?

55:55 – Mary Catherine: In what key should I solo for the St Louis Blues collaboration?

57:36 – Dennis McMahon: What tips do you have for playing blues upper and lower positions in different keys?

1:03:30 – Gina Ooi: What is the difference between Pop and Contemporary?

1:05:46 – David Ward: How can I get my left hand in sync with my right on blues, especially with triplets?

1:09:56 – Eric Rudolph: When do you not add 7th chords and extensions to a lead sheet melody?

1:12:58 – Yash Prabhu: How do we memorize songs?

1:17:48 – Julian Clarke: What do you play when the same note is indicated for both hands?

1:19:41 – Eve Lee: Do I need to learn all scales to solo?

1:23:32 – Kevin McCormick: How do I add passing chords chromatically to a chord progression?

1:28:29 – Thomas Jellings: Can you publish lead sheets with the notes numerically?

1:30:44 – Susana Rolfo: How can I improvise over Bernie’s Blues?

1:37:15 – Klaus Giesen: How can I analyze the cycle of 5ths progression?

1:41:34 – John: For big intervals, is it bad to keep the wrist down?

1:43:36 – Christian de Ryss: How do I create a minor blues waltz in Gb?

1:48:08 – Rich Mansfield: In Summertime, how can I understand the chords with additional notes?

1:52:35 – Leanne Kirkpatrick: Could you explain the Major blues scale Jonny uses to solo in the Bb course?

1:57:30 – Yash Prabhu: What are the best chords to use for creating a song in G major?

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