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Jonny May

Master two-hand coordination, rhythm, syncopation, finger control, & speed with 36 exercises exploring the most common progressions and grooves in popular music.

Course Objectives
  • Master dozens of rhythms, starting with the basics
  • Learn a fun and popular chord progression
  • Discover the technique to syncopation and tied rhythms
  • Use the Count, tap, and play method
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Rhythm
  • Technique
Featured Reviews

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Tough but really really worth it in the end
Not gonna lie: some of that was tough. It took me a few days, possibly about 5 hours total to get through that course. I printed off the music and watched the video on my tablet while at the piano. When Jonny would play something I'd pause it and spend as much time as I needed to "master" the part of the lesson and I just repeated that for every part of the lesson.
Great course teaching the fundamentals of hand coordination
All lessons were good but I particularly enjoyed the cross rhythm sections at the later stages of them lesson (eg. Rhythm 4,5 and 6 of lesson 5).
Exciting !
Really fun to do, though, the last lesson was very hard.
Well explained
It's very nice to learn the different type and combination of the pop rythmn
Fun and very interesting!!!
Very helpful for beginners like me
This is a great course for building your rhythm chops.
I felt like I needed to work on hand separation skills. The course started off with some simple rhythm patterns in both hands. Then by the time you're done you're playing triplets in the right hand against quarter notes in the left. I think I'm ready to try the next one now. Thanks!
Interesting & Challenging
A great course for learning two hand coordination. The practices are more like songs than scales.
Well organized
Everything well explained with importante repetitions
Two-Hand Coordination Beginner
Although I labeled myself as intermediate, I'm very happy I decided to start at the beginning. I've identified and filled gaps and been having tons of fun!!
good fun
great way to start mastering two handed play
Two Hand Coordination
So much easier to understand when it is broken down in to steps. Still a lot to practice but it feels doable rather than impossible! I feel like I have wonderful “tricks” up my sleeves.
Challenging, helpful but a big long
Very useful and interesting. I loved it but it was a bit long and hard on the brain.
Challenging for beginner
A quite complete course. Variations are often more difficult to achieve but sometimes easier.
Excellent and challenging
It’s a great exercise to improve hand coordination

Course Lessons

Two-Hand Coordination Exercises 1 – Lesson 1

The Chord Progression, Counting Half Notes & 8th Notes

Two-Hand Coordination Exercises 1 – Lesson 2

Rhythmic Pattern 1, 2, & 3, With Variations

Two-Hand Coordination Exercises 1 – Lesson 3

Rhythmic Pattern 4, 5, & 6, With Variations

Two-Hand Coordination Exercises 1 – Lesson 4

Right Hand Rhythmic Patterns 1-4, With Variations

Two-Hand Coordination Exercises 1 – Lesson 5

Rhythmic Pattern 5 & 6, Triplets

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