Jonny May

In this course, Jonny will walk you through the piano lead sheets of 8 different chord progressions and show you how to utilize various piano techniques to create a richer and more interesting sound. You’ll learn how to implement piano chord shells, guide tones, and right hand filler harmony in the top 3 jazz styles: jazz swing, bossa nova, and jazz ballad.

By the end of the course, you will be confident in adding your own personal style to a lead sheet.

Course Objectives
  • Discover the top 8 chord progressions used in fake books
  • Color the root position chords with shells and guide tones
  • Create rich chords with right hand filler harmony
  • Explore the top 3 jazz styles: jazz swing, bossa nova, and jazz ballad
Learning Focus
  • Analysis
  • Chords
  • Lead Sheets
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