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Jonny May

Learn the essential building blocks of Jazz harmony with chord shells and guide tones. Master these voicings with exercises for major, dominant, and minor 7th chords in all 12 keys to build your foundation for advanced jazz harmony.

Course Objectives
  • Learn the construction of Chord Shells and Guide Tones
  • Understand Common Chord Shell Voicings
  • Play Major 7, Dominant 7, and Minor 7 chords with Shells in 2 Positions
  • Master the 2-5-1 Progression with Shell Voicings in 12 Keys
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Lead Sheets
  • Technique
Featured Reviews

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fun and demanding at the same time
i enjoyed challenging myself. it is very educational and easy to follow
clear & concise and good fun!
well explained lessons, great stuff!
Lots to learn
Sometimes things came too quickly but I worked around that, good stuff!
Amazing! So well explained - Thank you.
To think this can be taught with such clarity and in an upbeat, fun way. I am very excited about joining. It's like the secrets of playing well are being revealed. I've only played classics and studied a lot of theory but my attempts at rock / pop was so basic - playing a 7th in root position was the most daring thing did. Thank you so much!
Gain Focus and Experience
Looking at the chords day after day built a solid framework for me. I began to notice how these progressions were used in songs I know, and I often just went off (meaning on my own) and played those songs as I went! And I appreciate how Jonny is never boring! He has insights and ideas interspersed throughout the lessons!
Great to learn chord shells
Fun and awesome as always. One problem I'm having is when I learn so much, I forget how to play old stuff I used to play.
Clear and fundamental
I think that this approach is very good. I didn't use chord shell so far, and it seems the first step to reach later the ability to apply this gradual method to more complex chords.
Fantastic course, well structured, fun and really good for growth!
It is well structured, teaches you effectively, and the backing tracks are excellent to play with! Will come back and share my course performance as soon as possible
Consistent. Thorough
This course gives room and space to thoroughly train the 251 progression. It needs some extra time to train tempo
thorough and very educational
Great, basic exercises to learn and master shells in all the keys
hard work.......but it´s worth it!
thanks for the downloadble sheets!
Chord shells and guide tones
Excellent course. It comes with the “how” but most importantly, why and when to use these shells. It’s a solide foundation to have and requires lots of practice but it will bring you where you want to go - with clarity. Something I needed to work on…
Interesting and informative
Great advice on how to use the content.
Great start for me
Great explanation and exercises.
Very clear and helpful
Easy to follow and good tips.
Great instruction
Shell = the bare bones; all that is needed
I enjoy the different approach and the discipline it takes to do the lesson in all keys. Who knew that all this time taking out the fifth and using only the root, third and major seventh makes it sound so much cleaner
Wonderful teaching method
I like the teaching, it is very easy to understand
I had a blast completing the course. Jonny's explanations are crystal clear and the course is both fun, entertaining, challenging and sparks creativity.
Challengingly informative
Very thorough instructions by the instructor. Goes above and beyond to make sure you get the concept.
Excellent practice exercises
Very compact chords

Course Lessons

Chord Shell & Guide Tone Exercises – Lesson 2

Exercise 1: Major 7 Shells Around the Circle of 5ths

Chord Shell & Guide Tone Exercises – Lesson 3

Exercise 2: Dominant 7 Shells Around the Circle of 5ths

Chord Shell & Guide Tone Exercises – Lesson 4

Exercise 3: Minor 7 Shells Around the Circle of 5ths

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