John Proulx

This comprehensive course covers rootless voicings on major 9 chords.

We’ll learn how to construct rootless voicing. Specifically, we will break down “A” and “B” voicings and alternating “A-B” and “B-A” voicings. Next we’ll practice a few exercises around the circle of fifths. Finally, we’ll apply these voicings to 4 short original songs in different styles such as Bossa Nova, Medium Swing, Ballad, and Funk.

Course Objectives
  • Construct rootless voicings on major 9 chords
  • Learn “A” and “B” voicings and alternating “A-B” and “B-A” voicings
  • Practice rootless voicing exercises around the circle of fifths
  • Apply these voicings to 4 original songs in various styles
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Reharmonization
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