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John Proulx

This comprehensive course covers rootless voicings on major 9 chords.

We’ll learn how to construct rootless voicing. Specifically, we will break down “A” and “B” voicings and alternating “A-B” and “B-A” voicings. Next we’ll practice a few exercises around the circle of fifths. Finally, we’ll apply these voicings to 4 short original songs in different styles such as Bossa Nova, Medium Swing, Ballad, and Funk.

Course Objectives
  • Construct rootless voicings on major 9 chords
  • Learn “A” and “B” voicings and alternating “A-B” and “B-A” voicings
  • Practice rootless voicing exercises around the circle of fifths
  • Apply these voicings to 4 original songs in various styles
Learning Focus
  • Chords
  • Exercises
  • Reharmonization
Featured Reviews

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Pretty good stuff
Great practice for rootless voicings..
Easy to follow - great improv tips!
This was a great course! The examples were fun and easy to follow. Lots of good tips for improvisation.
Unexpected learing bonus- Stride!!!
Just wanted to learn rootless voicings, but also learned stride via the exercises! Have struggled with this, but exercises helps to engrain into your playing. TAKE THIS COURSE.
Good explanation on rootless voicings
It is informative to explain the difference in the piano styles of playing with a bass player, solo piano, and accompanying.
Great stuff
Broke it down really well, and the exercises apply directly to playing actual songs.
thorough approach to rootless voicings
I liked the hints for improvisation.
a great teacher
even though the pieces may appear slow and easy, they can still be quite challenging
Such a good intro to rootless chords
I love the breakdown of finding and voicing a chord without the root. I'm so used to playing the bass line with my left hand but have been wanting to learn better how to utilize chords with a bass player. So this was very helpful.
Well developed and instructed.
John has a supportive teaching style that slowly but thoroughly presents the material.
Must do for intermediate jazz pianist
Review of rootless voicing with relevant examples to best fix the concepts
Gives solid foundation on Rootless Voicing
I enjoyed practicing and I got better at playing rootless voicings!
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