Jonny May

In this workshop, Jonny will walk you step-by-step on how to play Hark the Herald Angels Sing in a beautiful jazz ballad piano style.

We’ll start with memorizing the lead sheet melody & chords. Then we’ll transform the left hand chords into a beautiful jazz ballad accompaniment using rootless voicings. Once we master the left hand, we’ll harmonize the right hand using chord extensions, chord alterations, and chord tones. Then we’ll discover 4 scales we can use to solo over this entire song, along with a pre-composed solo written by Jonny.

To complete the arrangement, we’ll learn a stock intro & outro, and combine all the techniques we learned for a gorgeous Christmas classic!

Course Objectives
  • Memorize the lead sheet melody & chords
  • Transform the left hand chords into a beautiful jazz ballad accompaniment
  • Harmonize the right hand melody with chord extensions, chord tones, and chord alterations
  • Learn a jazz ballad stock intro & outro
  • Discover 4 scales for soloing over this song's chord progression
Learning Focus
  • Lead Sheets
  • Songs
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