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John Proulx

Please join me as we dive into the world of jazz swing accompaniment on the familiar song, “Autumn Leaves”. This workshop will cover the following topics:

-Root position 7th chords, melody review, and harmonic analysis
-2-hand chord shell hits behind the melody
-Right hand, 3-note chord voicings over a “2-Feel” bass
-Left-hand 4-note rootless voicings with Right-hand fills behind the melody
-Two sample intros and endings
-Final arrangement where we put it all together!

Course Objectives
  • Memorize the lead sheet chords
  • Apply left hand patterns & shells
  • Embellish the melody with fills
  • Practice various bass lines
  • Learn an intro & outro
Learning Focus
  • Accompanying
  • Songs
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Fantastic course!
Great way to learn how to accompany other musicians on this classic song. Like the examples where the instructor sang along too! :)
Just what I've been looking for
very clear explanations of how a lead sheet can be brought to life. The music theory presented was essential to understanding how certain desirable sounds can be created, without being overwhelming. Now I have lots of good ideas on improving my efforts at improvisation
Challenging and well-structured
Each lesson built on the prior.
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