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John Proulx

This course will help you master Autumn Leaves at the beginner level.

First we’ll learn the right hand melody and left hand chords. Next we’ll embellish the melody with harmony notes and learn a pre-written solo. Finally, we’ll put the hands together and play a beautiful final arrangement!

Course Objectives
  • Memorize the lead sheet melody
  • Practice the left hand chords
  • Embellish and harmonize the melody
  • Learn a pre-written solo
  • Combine all these techniques for a final arrangement
Learning Focus
  • Songs

This copyrighted lesson sheet is available for purchase on MusicNotes. Members can view the digital Smartsheet for free!

Featured Reviews

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Great course!
The instruction is clear and the path to progress is laid down very effectively. I cannot recommend it enough!
Autumn Leaves Beginner
Great teaching in easy understandable steps.
Great Beginner Course on Autumn Leaves
Loved this course. By the end you’re playing a nice sounding Autumn Leaves. And you get some basic improvisation skills.
Love the song and arrangement for beginner
Challenging for me, clear instructions were wonderful. Enjoyed John’s patience and teaching style. I will continue to work on this song.
Fun favourite
I’ve always liked this song. Course put together in a very approachable way.
Learned a lot
I loved the way the challenge was build up. Step by step in a way that I (beginner) stayed motivated to finish the course.
very fun and enjoyable course
knowing that I would get to play it well, and more accompanied by your hands.
Very well explained leading to achievable results
Very Challenging and fun
John Proulx is very patient and explains the concepts of the lessons very well. I particularly appreciate that he doesn't assume everyone is proficient in music theory and can sight read, by going over the rhythms of the scores
Autumn Leaves Beginner Great!
The course was great. But the Smart Sheet has a problem at the beginning. It had an extra beet for the first few measures. Please fix that.
Nice arrangement
Fun to play. A little difficult to play end with both hands. I need work
A Beginner Autumn Leaves Blast
Full of fantastic tips and explanations on how to bring this lead sheet to life and gain confidence with soloing over it.
Perfect for beginner ! A Melody I am really happy to play and improvisé solo on it.
Very happy that this course is really for beginner with a wonderful song with a nicely arrangement.
Perfect for beginner ! A Melody I am really happy to play and improvisé solo on it.
Very happy that this course is really for beginner with a wonderful song with a nicely arrangement.
John is a great instructor
I really enjoyed this class. Even though this is video recorded class, I felt John's encouragement and patience really come through.
Just what I needed
I’ve wasted to much time trying to play more complicated arrangements. This is more my speed. Don’t get me wrong. Taking all of those intermediate level fundamental courses helps a lot. I’m better off for the study of them.
Great for beginners!
Not too difficult, very well explained
This was fun!
A well-structured step-by-step course in which you will learn to play this great song in no time. John is explaining everything in a concise manner. I am at a beginners level but was able to play the piece after about 2 1/2 weeks of daily practice.
Excellent course!
Beautiful melody, excellent explanation. I enjoyed the course. Thank you Professor John Proulx for explaining.
Enjoyed the practice of shells and learning to add a bluesy tone for improvisation and soloing. Spikes interest to learn more. Thanks John!
An easily attainable classic Great American Standard!
The layered steps facilitate quick assimilation of this must-have-in-your-repertoire Great American Standard. The two hand grips for the E minor blues make it fun to learn the scale, and the solo, as well as to create solos of your own.
Fun and quick to learn
John breaks down this iconic song into its basic components, making it so easy to learn. Before you know it you’ll have a jazz standard in your repertoire, complete with a solo! Very cool!
Well-paced confidence builder!
Everything is described in detail. Each step is layered in and then, suddenly, one is soloing, and perhaps creating one's own improvisation. Resist the temptation to ignore counting before the rhythm is firmly in your body, or, for your fingers to travel faster than your brain and your eyes, and you will impress yourself and your family and friends (and maybe even strangers at a public piano) in no time at all with a classic American Standard!
Just What I Needed
Love this series - taking 1 song through beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. It helps us to understand how to add complexity one step at a time.
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