September 2018 Q&A

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Jonny May
09/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

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St. Louis Blues Collaboration – January 2020

In the January 2020 St. Louis Blues Collaboration, our talented PWJ students improvised with Jonny over the St. Louis Blues chord progression.

Intermediate/Advanced Live Workshop (2/12/20)

Learn 7 techniques to accompany a singer on a jazz swing tune.  We’ll cover the the basic chords, rootless voicings, walking bass lines, quartal voicings, stride, and re-harmonization.

Beginner/Intermediate Live Workshop (2/12/20)

Learn 10 approaches to accompany a singer on a jazz swing tune. We’ll cover the best right hand chord options, 3 right hand rhythms, and 3 left hand bass line options.