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Jonny May
09/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from September of 2018.

10:26 – Q: Chords for 251 in Cm to 251 in Fm?

21:12 – Q: Simple piano accompaniment for rap songs?

23:33 – Q: Advanced connecting scales exercise

26:54 – Q: Someday I’ll Play This Song

30:08 – Q: Making transitions between songs in a live gig?

35:28 – Q: Happy Birthday Ragtime section tips?

39:25 – Q: Mary Had a Little Lamb Rag

44:08 – Q: Sugar Cubes Mm. 77-78 fingering?

46:15 – Q: Turnaround Progression and the ideal chord range?

48:42 – Q: Playing by ear and by rote

50:44 – Q: Diminished scales with Dominant chords

57:37 – Q: Practice Blues Riffs?

1:00:02 – Q: Applying the Circular Progression to a Jazz Ballad

1:02:35 – Q: How do I slow down videos?

1:04:18 – Q: How to switch between different time signatures?

1:06:21 – Q: The Diminished scale

1:10:47 – Q: Will you add Slow Blues lessons on PWJ?

1:11:16 – Q: Latin bass lines?

1:13:14 – Q: What’s Your Top 3 Blues Licks?

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