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Jeremy Siskind
02/12/2021 1:00 pm (PST)

In this Q&A Submissions video, Jeremy Siskind answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general that were submitted in the month of January.

00:23 – Barbara Wilcox: Can you explain the chord progression to “Feeling Good” and how to solo over it?

04:24 – Anneleen Vanden Boer: Should I transpose techniques to all 12 keys immediately after learning them?

08:23 – Anneleen Vanden Boer: Why aren’t inversions used in the quick tip “How to memorize hundreds of jazz songs”?

10:55 – Rachel Pobi: Should I practice F# major and Gb major scales and their relative minors separately?

12:31 – Andrea Hannath: What are some suggested “endings” for Jonny’s Key Course pieces?

19:25 – Thomas Jellings: Is it necessary to follow the key courses in order?

21:54 – Joe Napoleone: Should a pianist be able to play in all major and minor keys? Are there common and uncommon keys?

26:15 – Anthony Shiels: Should I develop advanced jazz techniques on one tune? Or is it a better time investment to master things in 12 keys first?

30:56 – Can you explain licensing and copyright around youtube, PWJ content, and performing for gigs?

33:55 – Michael Heim: What are the differences between “contemporary piano,” “cocktail piano,” and “beautiful piano”?

40:04 – Rebecca Nowell: What is the bets course to practice rhythm?

41:19 – Rich Barton: Do you have any tips specifically for playing wedding ceremonies?

45:40 – Pablo Martinez: Should I study music theory and harmony apart from everything I learn at PWJ?

47:38 – Rachel Pobi: Once you learn rootless voicings and other advanced jazz voicings, is there still a use for inversions?

52:37 – What can I practice to develop consistency in a left hand blues shuffle?

57:57 – Dale Gilbert: How do I handle not upsetting the bass player when I play piano in a band?

1:03:18 – Jocelyn Garneau: Are there only two-note combinations that form a chord?

1:05:15 – Rachel Pobi: Is the pedal used when doing runs in the “jazz intro and outro runs” course?

1:07:15 – Linda Tham Wolf: How do you change the left had with 10ths in a slow pop style? How do you add 7ths and 9ths? What passing chord options can be used in going from the 2 to the 5 chord?

1:13:14 – Riddhiman Das: How can I balance practice sessions for both classical and jazz?

1:16:16 – M. De Jong: How do you use the pedal in “This is what you came for”?

1:19:04 – Hirom Saito: What kind of voicing does piano play as an accompaniment for “Autumn Leaves”?

1:22:56 – Chuck Weber: Any tips to manage practice time between guitar and piano?

1:26:52 – Terry Gilligan: What are practical exercises to develop hand independence for beginners?

1:31:00 – Karen Dengel: What is a practice plan I can follow to get better?

1:34:00 – Zoltan Vepy: Can you explain diminished scales?

1:39:36 – Wendell Kapustiak: How did you come up with the chords Cm7 going to F7?

1:43:08 – Haiden Davis: When learning and memorizing chords such as rootless voicings, what is the best way to think about them?

1:46:47 – Peter Askelof: Why are dominant rootless voicings taught with the 13 added?

1:48:50 – Gillian Marty: What advice do you have to solo over the chords F#m7b5, Fm7, Em7, Ebdim7 in “Night and Day”?

1:54:04 – Rolands Petrevics: Should I use fingering 1235 instead of 1234 on 7th chords?

1:55:40 – Michael Vertoske: When soloing over “Fly me to the moon,” is only the first ending used?

1:58:15 – Chris Rodgers: What do you recommend for ear training?

1:59:12 – Karl Faulkner: Do you have tips on how to achieve correct hand position to avoid pain?

2:01:58 – Shifera Anggawijaya: How do you differentiate polychords from slash chords? How do you use them in reharmonization? What about sus chords?

2:09:58 – How do you use jazz scales? Do you base in on chords or the key signature?

2:15:47 – Mark Simmons: How do you avoid wandering and getting overwhelmed with all the courses?

2:18:09 – Dennis: Are the classes ok for an 11 year old?

2:19:26 – Rudy: How can I introduce chords into my right hand as part of the melody?

2:24:00 – David Kussie: How can I fit my 1-3-5 finger between the black keys cleanly?

2:26:03 – What are passing tones?

2:29:13 – Wim: For intro runs, why do you prefer to use both hands?

2:31:34 – Is there a technique I can use to memorize and remember songs better?

2:34:40 – Ben Silburn: How many pieces would you expect to play from memory at a time? Any general memory tips?

2:36:34 – Patrick Horan: Should I continue to practice Christmas music months before the holiday season?

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