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Joshua Foy
01/22/2021 6:00 pm (PST)

In this Q&A Submissions video, Joshua Foy answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general that were submitted in the month of December.

00:19 – John Fletcher: Do you have favorite inversions of chords?

04:21 – Dimfie Kelderman: What is a nice outro for the “Endless Epic Chords”?

01:48 – How do I become free in expressing myself musically?

08:23 – David Tonge: Can you teach some melodies in the style of Les Dawson?

09:45 – Ken Knott: What is the difference between C major and A minor?

11:57 – Ken Knott: How do I work out the coordination on Jonny’s Canon?

16:43 – Ken Knott: Why are some of the accidentals off on the digital keyboard?

17:09 – How do you acquire hand independence for improvising over a walking bass line?

21:28 – How does Jonny create a nice intro line for “Fly Me To The Moon”?

24:58 – Sandra Lendorf: How should one use block chords to harmonize a melody for beginners?

28:17 – Michael Ferreira: Which blues scale works with all three dominant chords?

29:02 – Floyd Tavoletti: Can you explain how the tritone substitution works in the “circular progression”?

32:05 – Tom Troughton: Where are all the key courses and do the diatonic chords follow the same pattern?

33:59 – James Walker: What lick is being used in “Santa Claus is Back in Town”?

35:03 – James Walker: What is the melody for “Plum Pudding”?

36:21 – Brendan Dixon: How do you memorize more challenging jazz chord progressions?

38:34 – Rainer Veith: Is it a good idea to learn all major and minor blues scales?

40:22 – Lawrence Engel: How do I voice the C7#5b9 chord in “When I Fall In Love”?

43:49 – Rebecca Nowell: How do I improve

46:02 – Anthony Toney: Is the 7-3-6 in a major key the same as a minor 2-5-1?

47:20 – Thomas Jellings: How d you use diminished, augmented, and minor chords in context?

52:50 – Pablo Martinez: How can I avoid wrist pain when I practice for a long time?

55:41 – Jared Hartsfield: What are some of your favorite standards?

56:44 – Ramon Garcia-Tamaran: How would you describe the musical style of Shirley Horn? Which scale books do you recommend?

1:01:44 – Conrad Burt: What tips do you have on the ragtime part of “Wake Me Up”?

1:04:34 – Rachel Pobi: In jazz voicings, which are used most or least?

1:05:44 – Barbara Wilcox: How can I vary my jazz accompaniment to create a compelling structure?

1:11:34 – Betty Jo Hoadley: Should I memorize how chords look on the page and on the piano?

1:12:26 – Thomas Jellings: Can you explain the ending shuffle Jonny plays in the jazzy blues comping course?

1:15:03 – Thomas Jellings: Can you explain the added notes in the F7 and G7 chords for the blues?

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