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Jonny May
10/07/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the October 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions!

03:46 – Q: Can you apply A & B voicings to 1st & 3rd chord inversions?

07:10 – Q: How to develop speed with runs?

10:44 – Q: What’s an easy LH blues groove?

12:50 – Q: Practice tips for the runs in I’ll Be Falling More in Love with You?

16:36 – Q: How do Drop 2 voicings work?

20:00 – Q: What’s the optimal time to spend on a new song?

21:59 – Q: What scale would I use to solo on Eric Clapton’s “Nobody Knows You”

26:19 – Q: How do I connect scales around the circle of fifths?

29:47 – Q: Tips for beginners when learning jazz standards?

34:10 – Q: Why do some people refer to B note as H note?

35:40 – Q: Are there lessons to help with 8 bar blues progression in A?

38:57 – Q: Tips on practicing 3rds and 6ths in right hand in every key?

41:20 – Q: How can I make my improvisations more tuneful?

44:11 – Q: Is there a way to adjust licks to fit the song speed?

48:07 – Q: Can you demonstrate the Floyd Cramer slip-note technique?

51:28 – Q: Do you have preferred keys for playing blues?

54:33 – Q: What is the fingering for blues scale in E?

58:14 – Q: How do you remember all diatonic scales?

1:01:58 – Q: What. is the criterion used to divide a musical piece in phrases?

1:05:42 – Q: Tips on getting more focused with my learning?

1:08:27 – Q: Tips on listening to a song and figuring out the chords?

1:12:11 – Q: Can I use the major blues scale on Cruella de Vil?

1:13:30 – Q: Is there a payoff on learning a song in all 12 keys?

1:16:27 – Q: When I play rolls, turns, slides, etc. it sounds too classical?

1:21:54 – Q: My hand gets tired when playing lazy 10ths. Any tips?

1:24:04 – Q: How can I get better at knowing the harmony notes to add to the melody?

1:26:57 – Q: Tips on inverting chords?

1:28:25 – Q: Tips on using a metronome?

1:30:45 – Q: How can I take a simple C,F,G song and make it more interesting?

1:35:52 – Q: Tips on left hand stride?

1:40:18 – Q: Do you prefer printed or digital sheet music?

1:40:54 – Q: What level do I need to be in order to play Angels We Have Heard on High?

1:43:02 – Q: Tips for classical pianists struggling with blues/jazz?

1:44:41 – Q: What is the chord progression for Someday I’ll Learn This Song?

1:47:17 – Q: What are your musical weaknesses?

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