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Jonny May
05/06/2020 6:00 pm (PST)

In the May 2020 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

04:49 – Q: Is there a systematic way to practice Jazz Improv?

08:59 – Q: Is the rule of thumb for improv to hit a chord tone on beats 1 & 3?

12:27 – Q: Will you teach a lesson on a specific solo from a specific song?

14:53 – Q: Do you teach 2 hand improvising?

18:57 – Q: When playing a 6-2-5-1, am I enclosing chord tones in each chord, or play all enclosures in the 1 chord?

22:18 – Q: What fingering do you use for Dm7?

23:40 – Q: How to know if C7 is Major 7 or Dominant 7?

27:20 – Q: Tips for learning a song in 2 different keys?

29:03 – Q: How can I apply what I learn in lessons to other songs?

34:29 – Q: I’m having trouble with fingering for connecting scales.

37:12 – Q: How to incorporate melody when arranging a song in Samba style?

41:07 – Q: Do diatonic chords only come from Major scales, not Minor scales?

43:03 – Q: Where do I find the Student Collaboration Videos?

43:39 – Q: Are enclosures part of Bebop?

45:13 – Q: Play Fly Me to the Moon in burlesque blues style.

46:55 – Q: How to improve hand independence?

50:14 – Q: Would you use enclosures on 9/11/13?

52:22 – Q: Can you talk about the use of the sustain pedal?

56:09 – Q: Is there a difference in chromatic & diatonic enclosures?

59:56 – Q: Tips for understanding symbols in lead sheets?

1:04:28 – Q: What are diatonic chords?

1:06:15 – Q: Can I use different LH patterns in the Popstinatos course?

1:07:03 – Q: Tips for pedaling in blues piano?

1:07:48 – Q: How to deal with scales when chords are changing 2-3 times within one bar?

1:10:48 – Q: When to not use the pentatonic scale in a progression?

1:13:34 – Q: Struggling with the consistent LH stride in Boogie Woogie.

1:17:23 – Q: Any plans for a PWJ app?

1:18:04 – Q: What to play when the music says F/G?

1:19:15 – Q: Do all songs work well in every styles?

1:20:38 – Q: Are there courses on Let it Go or Free Falling?

1:21:28 – Q: What is the best fingering for a chromatic scale?

1:22:41 – Q: When playing chords, when would I play notes not in the key signature?

1:26:02 – Q: What do you recommend for arm/wrist pain?

1:28:16 – Q: Tips for hand coordination with 16th notes & blues shuffle?

1:30:32 – Q: Is is still improv if I plan it out beforehand?

1:32:53 – Q: Can you play Mr. Rodgers?

1:34:31 – Q: Tips for remembering the progression in Endless Epic Chords?

1:36:33 – Q: Is there sheet music for Somebody Like You?

1:38:14 – Q: How do you use the member discount for Music Notes?

1:39:16 – Q: Could you make more Samba lessons?

1:39:58 – Q: Are guide tones equivalent to shells?

1:41:02 – Q: Do enclosures work with any scales, such as minor or diminished?

1:42:19 – Q: Can you teach us to play Sway?

1:42:27 – Q: Any ideas of what to practice in LH only, while my right hand recovers from tendonitis?

1:43:33 – Q: Do you use the sustain pedal when playing blues?

1:43:56 – Q: Will you make more Latin courses?

1:46:57 – Q: Why do you use the key of C for most of your lessons?

1:48:37 – Q: Why are runs sometimes played with 1 hand and sometimes both hands?

1:49:46 – Q: Is it possible for me to play songs as fast as you play them?

1:51:34 – Q: How should I approach key changes while arranging a song?

1:52:55 – Q: Is there a course on rhythm changes?

1:53:51 – Q: Tips for changing chords while playing in a band?

1:54:38 – Q: What is your opinion of Marvin Hamlisch?

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