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Yannick Lambrecht
01/28/2021 11:00 am (PST)

In the January 2021 Live Q&A, Yannick answered all of your music questions.

04:00 – How do you think of F relative to A minor?

05:32 – Is it natural to resolve C to Gmaj7 when using lydian?

08:19 – Any tips on playing for live events?

09:28 – Lydian side note

10:00 – How should I solo over “All of Me”?

13:09 – How does the C blues scale relate to the key of Eb?

15:40 – On “St Louis Blues”, what scales can we use to solo?

20:03 – Can you play an example of “closed position” jazz?

23:42 – Can you explain the bridge of “St Louis Blues”?

29:22 – When is the full “Autumn Leaves” course coming?

29:58 – Jonny Birthday Message

31:54 – Can you explain the theory of major and relative minor scales?

33:17 – For the 3 types of minor scales (natural, harmonic, melodic) what is indicated in the key signature?

33:57 – What is the best course for beginners and ragtime?

37:46 – For “St Louis Blues” what are some ideas for maximum crunch sounds?

40:46 – What other left hand patterns for for St Louis Blues?

44:28 – Putting the pieces together

45:14 – Do you lift just your heel or your entire foot when lifting the pedal?

47:36 – Can you explain dominant chords and secondary dominants?

56:47 – Where do you rest your foot when not playing the pedal?

57:50 – Dealing with tension

59:17 – How are the 7-3-6 of major and minor 2-5-1 related?

1:00:15 – Where to rest the foot part 2

1:01:07 – How should I articulate the shuffle for “St Louis Blues”?

1:06:20 – How can I learn the chords of “Misty” without getting lost in the form?

1:22:58 – Please talk about backdoor 2-5 progressions

1:23:39 – How is the chord sequence working in the B section of “Girl from Ipanema”?

1:29:08 – What mind tricks can one use to change a previously learned arrangement?

1:31:08 – Will the other key courses be added in the future?

1:31:53 – Mindfulness for piano

1:33:34 – Be kind to yourself

1:34:48 – Should I work on level 1 or level 2 courses?

1:36:42 – Can I connect a digital keyboard to my computer?

1:38:43 – Learn inversions

1:41:45 – New Q&A Format in February

1:42:20 – Pacing yourself and well-rounded learning tips

Monthly Update (September 2023)

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