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Jonny May
02/10/2021 10:00 am (PST)

In the Beginner/Intermediate February 2021 Live Q&A, Jonny answered all of your music questions.

03:58 – Q: Can you play St. Louis Blues as a slow blues with stride left hand?

07:04 – Q: How would you transition from a song in A to the next song in C?

10:22 – Q: When improvising, should you know where you’re going to play ahead of time?

13:53 – Q: How to keep my hands in sync when playing blues improv?

17:34 – Q: How to use the pedal for a tango roll?

20:48 – Q: Which course covers the Tango 1 minute tip?

21:49 – Q: What can I do to build skills when I don’t have access to a piano?

25:25 – Q: Should I know chord inversions before working on 2-5-1 course?

28:53 – Q: Can you play a simple improv on Autumn Leaves?

32:27 – Q: Is there a trick to playing fast runs?

36:50 – Q: Are there exercises for reaching 10ths with small hands??

39:37 – Q: What are some good voicings for a tritone substitution?

43:35 – Q: Why are there so many different versions of chord progressions for a jazz standard?

47:56 – Q: Are inversions also called voicings?

49:55 – Q: Tips for left hand chord patterns in Jonny Darko?

51:42 – Q: Tips for singing and playing while keeping tempo?

52:58 – Q: Can I start learning gospel before blues?

54:15 – Q: How to improve finger accuracy while playing stride?

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