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Jonny May
07/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from July of 2018.

18:08 – Q: How to use the pedal for Ragtime?

22:41 – Q: Tutorial for Great Balls of Fire?

28:38 – Q: Ragtime Birthday tips?

35:11 – Q: Tips for Duets?

37:47 – Q: How do you maintain a repertoire?

42:03 – Q: How do you keep so many songs memorized?

45:50 – Q: Learning and remembering chords and inversions?

50:14 – Q: Does the repertoire list need to be memorized?

52:27 – Q: Tips for Sight Reading?

55:21 – Q: Could you explain Phrygian?

58:08 – Q: Splitting a large range between two hand?

1:04:47 – Q: Tempo marking explanation?

1:08:38 – Q: Will you make a reharmonization course?

1:15:54 – Q: Recommendation for students that don’t read?

1:17:16 – Q: Where should I start?

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