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Yannick Lambrecht
04/21/2021 6:00 pm (PST)

In this Intermediate/Advanced Q&A Submissions video, Yannick answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of March.

00:18 – David: What warm up exercises do you recommend?

06:36 – Should scales for improv match the chord extensions you play?

09:28 – Sam: How do I compose an Irish style piece?

16:51 – How do you build up speed for improvisation?

21:47 – Do you have tips to learn chords without a lot of mental calculation?

25:25 – Frank: Which modes work over 7th chord types?

28:45 – Tracy: Can we have more learning tracks?

30:39 – Bill: Do you have recommendations to improve at identifying chords?

36:02 – Jimmy: How do you know which scale to use for a given chord?

38:19 – Jimmy: What considerations do you use to find the best sounding voicings on lead sheets?

45:25 – Randy: How do you solo over dominant chords on songs like “There is no greater love”

51:04 – Klaus: How can you analyze the cycle of fifths progression in 1 key?

53:55 – Pham: Is it a problem to play rootless voicings without understand them?

58:40 – Nicole: What resource can help explain how chords are functioning for well known pieces?

1:06:32 – Rachel: Can you explain how rootless voicings can be used in the right hand when playing the melody of a lead sheet?

1:10:21 – Vanessa: How can I get better at remember the modes?

1:13:33 – Barbara: How do you extract the most value from transcribing? Should you learn it aurally first? Do you need to notate it?

1:24:43 – Karen: How do you know what note to start on if you know the chords in a progression?

1:26:57 – Maeva: For the block chord riff Jonny teaches, is there a tritone sub? Also do you think of the notes relate to the key or the chord for transposing?

1:32:56 – Rachel: Can a song be reharmonized too much?

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