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Jeremy Siskind
03/22/2021 6:00 pm (PST)

In this Intermediate/Advanced Q&A Submissions video, Jeremy answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of February.

00:29 – How do you distinguish jazz blues from swing and ballads?

03:41 – How do you reharmonize “Let It Snow”?

10:32 – William Boyd: How do you play roots and chords when the chords change quickly?

15:58 – When you play be memory or by ear, what do you focus on?

20:31 – For jazz and blues, how should I practice in all keys?

25:06 – What intermediate exercises can strengthen and speed up my left hand?

30:52 – Karen Dengel: What is the course for the cycle of 5ths called?

31:38 – Paul Toal: How do I modulate into the key of C playing “Go the Distance”

33:49 – Where can I learn about augmented chords?

35:15 – Gilbert Grant: Can I play inversions instead of root position chords when learning “After You’ve Gone”?

37:10 – Rachel Pobi: When do you use 3 note vs 4 note rootless voicings?

38:54 – Mark Ainslie: How does one maintain a repertoire with PWJ?

42:09 – Robert Hoffmann: What is the difference between improvisation, soloing, and creating lyrical melodies?

46:14 – Emmitt Jefferson: Why is the 2-5-1 progression not identified as major or minor? Are there modal 2-5-1 progressions?

49:22 – How do you use gospel connectors when playing the “major” blues?

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