Intermediate/Advanced Live Q+A (March 2022)

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Daine Jordan
03/24/2022 11:00 am (PST)

In the March 2022 Live Q&A, Daine answered all of your music questions.

03:31 – Q: Is it worth learning chord shells?

06:15 – Q: What are jazz pianists doing when their RH is staying in one place?

10:00 – Q: What is the fingering for the runs in The Way You Look Tonight?

15:15 – Q: Question about soloing with bass lines or chords?

19:26 – Q: How do you know which of the 3 minor scales to use when improvising?

25:26 – Q: Can you demonstrate playing the RH chords in the gaps of your playing?

27:34 – Q: How do you practice left hand bass lines?

31:56 – Q: Which piano do you recommend for an intermediate level player?

33:24 – Q: What was the scale you used on the 2 chord?

36:18 – Q: Can you demonstrate playing the RH chords in the gaps of your playing?

40:44 – Q: Tips for playing rock songs?

46:24 – Q: What is the scale called you were just playing?

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