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Jonny May
02/05/2020 10:00 am (PST)

In the February 2020 Q&A, Jonny answered all of your questions about the piano and music in general.

04:18 – Q: Tips on dealing with nerves?

07:59 – Q: Can you discuss Minor Blues?

11:22 – Q: Is there a chord pattern in After You’ve Gone?

15:55 – Q: Tips on using lead sheet version of classical pieces

17:50 – Q: Do you recommend studying blues before jazz?

20:51 – Q: Can you demonstrate the Floyd Cramer slip note technique

25:26 – Q: Minor Blues Example

28:22 – Q: Is there a drill for playing an advanced left hand shuffle?

20:52 – Q: Can you demonstrate the Floyd Cramer slip note technique?

28:22 – Q: Is there a drill for playing an advanced blues left hand shuffle?

30:48 – Q: Voicings & scales for the minor ii-V-i at the end of cycle of 5th progression?

35:25 – Q: Excercises for increasing speed?

37:59 – Q: Advice for intermediate LH approach to jazzy blues?

41:11 – Q: Recommended fingering for playing C major pentatonic scale over C blues progression?

43:30 – Q: What is the stride pattern for the jazz ballad ‘The Way You Look Tonight’?

45:30 – Q: Is it possible to be working on too much at once?

47:52 – Q: How would you structure a typical 45-minute practice session?

50:02 – Q: What is the ideal ratio for playing songs & soloing during a gig?

51:21 – Q: Advice for playing in church for the first time?

54:34 – Q: What was the policy at Disneyland when someone asked to play your piano?

56:29 – Q: What are the uses for the diminished scales?

1:01:00 – Q: Will you make a course on the Barry Harris diminished scale theory?

1:02:45 – Q: Suggestions for playing Blue Bayou in F?

1:05:09 – Q: Will you be doing more Stride style courses in the future?

1:05:29 – Q: How to know which scales to use for certain chords while improv soloing?

1:08:22 – Q: Can you explain a perfect 5th interval?

1:10:20 – Q: Do you have any techniques for using the sustain pedal?

1:11:04 – Q: Is it normal to master 80% of a song but struggle with the last 20%?

1:11:34 – Q: When did you leave Disney?

1:12:13 – Q: Advice for playing 10-interval arpeggios smoothly?

1:15:12 – Q: Why does the blues progression in the 10-Day Blues Challenge end on a V chord?

1:17:42 – Q: How do I join the live shows?

1:18:22 – Q: Can you define song structure terms such as chorus, verse, hook, bridge, etc?

1:20:26 – Q: How many fingers should I use while playing dominant 7th runs?

1:21:54 – Q: Should I master the 12 scales before moving on to intermediate courses?

1:22:51 – Q: Can you demonstrate the notes/chords for the 3rd section of Maple Leaf Rag?

1:24:07 – Q: How should I structure my practice time?

1:25:09 – Q: Is there a course for vocal accompaniment?

1:26:06 – Q: Advice for playing chords that aren’t in the key I’m playing in?

1:28:18 – Q: If I want to learn jazz and blues, should I go through the courses in a certain order?

1:29:39 – Q: How much of improv is memorizing licks vs. actually making it up as I go?

1:31:48 – Q: Tips for playing accompaniment on “A Mighty Fortress is Our God’

1:34:27 – Q: What skills should I focus on learning if I want to play jazz cocktail?

1:35:52 – Q: What is the difference in an arpeggio and a broken chord?

1:36:55 – Q: Can you explain slash chords?

1:38:19 – Q: Is there a course that explains the Circle of Fifths?

1:39:00 – Q: Can you show us how to play one of your specific solos?

1:40:17 – Q: How to integrate a solo in ‘The Way You Look At Me’?

1:42:27 – Q: Can you show us the fingering for the intro of ‘St. Louis Blues’?

1:44:09 – Q: Should I quit learning something if I’m getting bored with it?

1:46:01 – Q: Do you have tips for memorizing scales, chords & songs?

1:47:03 – Q: Do you have advice for playing songs by ear?

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