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Jonny May
02/26/2019 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from February of 2019.

10:03 – Q: How to develop tremolos?

14:20 – Q: Is it ok to skip the preliminaries and go right to the blues?

16:02 – Q: Play the “PWJ theme jingle”?

17:58 – Q: Should I concentrate on blues for a start and what beginner roadmaps can you recommend?

19:58 – Q: What’s the average rate for an hour solo piano playing?

21:24 – Q: Can you explain the solo in “Fly Me to the Moon”?

25:50 – Q: What jazz songs should I add to my repertoire?

29:27 – Q: Is it possible to increase the span of your hands through practice and stretching?

31:29 – Q: Why do you play a G7 chord in m. 119 – “The Way You Look At Me”?

35:37 – Q: Is it normal that the 12 bar blues form doesn’t fit in “Swanee River”?

36:31 – Q: How to make the Latin Samba part of “Happy Birthday” sound awesome?

38:25 – Q: Lesson about 9th, 11th and 13th chords?

41:26 – Q: Is there a way to watch the lessons offline?

42:23 – Q: Examples on how to play diatonic chord inversions?

44:19 – Q: Converting the “Love Progression” to a sad progression?

46:50 – Q: How do I swing the “1950’s Rock & Roll” course?

48:39 – Q: How far should the melody note be from clusters in LH?

50:57 – Q: When to use the pedal in swing music?

52:12 – Q: Rootless chords inversions?

55:28 – Q: Where do you rest your pedal foot?

56:49 – Q: Finger technique for the intro run in “Cruella De Vil”?

1:00:15 – Q: Playing triplets over eight notes?

1:06:24 – Q: Courses for improvisation over 60s, 70s and 80s music?

1:09:54 – Q: How do I prepare for an audition for a function band?

1:12:22 – Q: Rhythm for “Toccata in D Minor”?

1:13:58 – Q: Do you have a page turning pedal?

1:14:49 – Q: Learning “St. Louis Blues” in different keys?

1:15:29 – Q: What LH chords should I use when playing “Misty” in a stride style?

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