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Jonny May
02/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from February of 2018.

08:49 – Q: How much time to spend soloing/melody?

12:58 – Q: Bob Malone soloing technique from posted video?

15:00 – Q: Is a blues always 12 bars?

16:49 – Q: What style is your Angel Eyes arrangement?

21:46 – Q: Do you remember Grim Grinning Ghosts?

23:43 – Q: Follow up to blues soloing question.

25:50 – Q: Tips for blues soloing with more than one note?

33:52 – Q: Playing a copyrighted song at a paid gig.

36:16 – Q: What are some Maple Leaf rag tips?

39:33 – Q: Venues that won’t pay ASCAP?

41:34 – Q: Can you make a CD for my ballet class?

42:59 – Q: Do you have a Disney album?

45:20 – Q: Can you play Ode to Joy for us?

46:24 – Q: Can you post a list of the top Jazz standards?

47:36 – Q: When will the Hallelujah video be released?

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