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Jonny May
12/26/2018 10:00 am (PST)

View the Q&A with Jonny from December of 2018.

07:38 – Q: Trouble downloading sheet for “Go Tell it on the Mountain”?

08:57 – Q: Break down solo for “Go tell it on the Mountain”?

15:02 – Q: Is the archived material available to PWJ members only?

16:20 – Q: Learning the LH jumps for “The Bare Necessities”?

20:46 – Q: Demo of blues “Amazing Grace”?

24:38 – Q: How to organize my practice time?

30:40 – Q: Improvising in “Away in a Manger”?

34:57 – Q: Where do I start with learning the piano?

37:24 – Q: Improvising in jazz “Silent Night”?

40:59 – Q: Best way to get familiar with chords, extensions and inversions?

48:12 – Q: “Hanon” for Jazz and Blues?

51:18 – Q: Scales for soloing over “O Christmas Tree”?

56:54 – Q: Using the pedal on “Jingle Bells Rag”?

59:51 – Q: “Adult All-in-One Course” and “Greatest Hits”?

1:00:38 – Q: Tips for improvising over Country Music?

1:03:57 – Q: Should you use the pedal on “Bible of Blues Riffs”?

1:05:50 – Q: Memorizing Sheet Music or a Lead Sheet?

1:07:18 – Q: How to memorize music?

1:11:53 – Q: Using Roman numerals for the Chord degree?

1:15:10 – Q: Can you play a Classical tune?

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