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Yannick Lambrecht
04/15/2021 8:00 am (PST)

In this video, Yannick answered all of your Beginner/Intermediate questions that were submitted in the month of March.

00:20 – Austin: How do you play on “instinct” and create music off the top of your head?

09:26 – What are the most important keys to master for blues, rock and jazz?

09:31 – David: When is it suitable to move from one piece to an additional one?

20:04 – What progressive skill sequence do you recommend?

25:28 – Len: How do you add blues licks to regular standards?

32:12 – Len: What scales can you use for Blues besides the minor blues scale?

38:39 – Rudy: How do you figure out chords by ear?

45:44 – Joseph: What are some fun Latin Jazz tricks?

49:35 – Glenn: How do you balance playing the “fun” lessons you want to learn with everything else that is recommended?

55:00 – Joel: How do you learn all the chords and inversions without feeling overwhelmed?

1:08:07 – Jon: What exercises can help with hand independence and coordination when soloing? How do you land on consonant notes?

1:15:44 – Jocelyn: Why is a dominant 7th chord called dominant?

1:18:18 – Karen: What is the best way to match chords to a melody and turn it into something nice?

1:25:13 – Sherry: What can help me learn guide tones quickly? What learning tracks help with swing?

1:30:12 – Jerzy: Any updates on a classical course?

1:32:36 – Roland: What is the difference between the different jazz learning tracks?

1:35:06 – Janet: Any tips for the hand coordination on the St Louis Blues Challenge?

1:41:17 – Sharon: What suggestions can you give for the interval rocking technique with smaller hands?

1:45:04 – Paul: What courses can help with adding chords to improve at song writing?

1:50:59 – Rachel: When doing ear training, should we focus on 1 key?

1:53:02 – Ivan: What keys do you recommend working on for blues?

1:57:41 – Todd: Can you clarify how to use the dorian mode?

2:01:39 – Jieyun: Can you help with the hand coordination on improvising over the quick tip “how to play background jazz music”?

2:07:00 – Yash: How do you add fast arpeggios to a jazz song?

2:10:15 – Todd: How do you use the pedal when playing Autumn Leaves?

2:13:26 – Thomas: In the epic chords lesson, can you explain what Jonny refers to as two relative majors?

2:15:30 – Gary: What advice do you have for jumps on the piano?

2:19:51 – Christopher: What exercises do you recommend to help with not looking at the keys?

2:23:57 – Pablo: What do you recommend to play and sing at the same time?

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