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Daine Jordan
07/30/2021 8:00 am (PST)

In this Beginner/Intermediate Q&A Submissions video, Daine answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of June.

00:18 – Any tips for improving speed on runs in Believe?

04:32 – Where can I find info on spectrum analysis of the science of music?

05:37 – I can’t read music. Will that hamper my learning?

07:14 – Does a sus chord signify passing to another chord?

09:15 – How are you able to play rootless voicings without thinking about how to form it?

12:27 – Are there general rules to use backing tracks as a metronome?

14:40 – Can you recommend any order of playing jazz lines?

16:37 – How to become efficient at sight reading?

18:48 – Tips for mastering scales?

23:11 – Is there an alternative to playing the Dm7 in Amazing Grace?

25:30 – Tips for fingering 7th chords?

28:29 – How to figure out which scales go with which chords?

30:42 – Which course helps with speed & technique?

31:22 – How to develop ear training?

32:43 – How would you describe the musical quality of different keys?

35:38 – How is the composer compensated when someone performs their piece?

36:59 – If there’s an accidental in the treble clef, does it also apply to the bass clef?

38:14 – Can you explain the concept of modes?

41:04 – Can you demonstrate your grooves in the B minor course?

44:27 – Could you teach an accompaniment lesson for Elton John songs?

48:17 – In the Beginner Jazz Improv QT, why are you playing Dm in left hand and F scale in right hand?

52:20 – Can you demonstrate the 2nd part of What a Wonderful World?

58:30 – What should I be thinking when performing a song by memory?

01:02:25 – Can I apply triad pairs to the Major Blues Scale course?

01:05:59 – Is there an easy way to master chord shells?

01:09:49 – Can you explain fingering for inversions?

01:12:35 – Will there be an Autumn Leaves Swing course for Int/Adv?

01:13:32 – Any tips for maintaining a repertoire?

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