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Daine Jordan
03/14/2022 8:00 am (PST)

In this Beginner/Intermediate Q&A Submissions video, Daine answered all of your questions that were submitted in the month of February

00:24 – Jill F: Which Norah Jones song goes with the “Norah Jones Progression.”?

08:28 – Britt S: What fingering should I use when practicing the 7th chord exercise?

11:38 – John N: Which songs use the Love Progression?

13:34 – Egor P: Should I practice with the sustain pedal?

15:24 – Carl C: Is it normal to look at your hands when playing stride jumps?

16:59 – Q: What are the attributes that make a chord jazzy?

20:50 – Henryk G: Tips for play left hand chords “automatically”?

23:27 – Mariusz S: Please show correct fingering for the D Major & E Major scale for all 7 modes.

31:48 – Dieter K: Is there a lesson that spices up regular chords?

32:43 – Mario H: Can I improvise over both C minor blues & C major blues scale in Summertime?

36:58 – Marty R: How can I use the 1 Chord Wonder in a song that has multiple chord changes within a measure?

43:51 – Marguerite B: Why is the E7 used instead of Em7 in the Cycle of Fifths progression?

48:00 – Thomas J: Why is a Cmaj7 used in measure 53 of autumn leaves?

55:24 – Theodore H: How to identify where each section in a song starts/ends (bridge, etc)?

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