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John Proulx
07/26/2022 10:00 am (PST)

In the July 2022 Live Q&A, John Proulx answered all of your music questions.

04:48 – Duet Performance: The Way You Look Tonight

13:51 – More ideas for The Way You Look Tonight

19:26 – Q: Tips for playing slow country with a guitar?

28:27 – Q: Do you have any advice for knuckle pain?

32:45 – Q: Can you create a lesson for beginners on Misty?

40:09 – Q: What’s your advice on how to not rely solely on muscle memory?

45:51 – Q: What did you play at the intro of this show?

49:12 – Q: What’s perfect compared to major?

52:46 – Q: Can you compare Girl From Ipanema & Take the A Train?

57:33 – John’s Performance: Tenderly

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